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The "Landtmann women"

in conversation with the "Wienerin"

Happy International Women's Day 2024!

In 1976, Anita Querfeld and her husband Herbert took over the legendary Café Landtmann. Over the next 48 years, together with their son Berndt, they perfected the Landtmann style and grew the family business to include several cafés and restaurants. Today, the Querfeld family runs ten businesses. Alongside Berndt and two of his sons, the five women in the family play a leading role.

But it is not only the family that is female-dominated; 7 out of 10 Querfeld companies are now run by women. In an interview with the magazine "Wienerin", three generations of the "Landtmann women" reveal how today's coffee empire came about and what a "ski course" has to do with their success.

Many thanks to Viktória Kery-Erdélyi for the great article!

Have fun reading!

© Photos: VanDeHart