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Coffee Specialties

Best beans, finely roasted, Viennese mountain spring water

With this recipe for excellent coffee, the Café Mozart has captured the hearts of all coffee lovers for more than 200 years. We swear by our bean mixture "Hermann Hausbrandt". Mild and pleasant in taste, this espresso is characterized by harmonious hazelnut and cocoa flavours and a pleasantly fruity composition. According to the Viennese tradition, there is much more than a modest cup of coffee, so you will also find specialties such as the "Überstürzten Neumann", the "Salon Einspänner", but also a strong "Turkish" and a lovely Café au Lait. Never heard of these? Never enjoyed one? Then it is time for an aromatic discovery trip!

Coffee Menu

A little inspiration for your spirit of adventure

We invite you to experience our coffee specialities. For a change try a Mocca, a Melange or one of the others! Of course it will always be traditionally accompanied by a glass of water!

You can order your coffee decaffeinated, with soya milk or lactose-free milk.
Free of charge!

€ 380
short & strong Espresso

€ 380
Espresso with cream - Julius Meinl 1862 Premium!

€ 590
Espresso with cream - Julius Meinl 1862 Premium!

€ 590
Half espresso, half hot frothy milk

€ 590
Extended espresso, black or with milk

€ 620
Original "Türk Kahvesi" brewed in a copper pot, sweetened or unsweetened and served with a piece of Turkish delight

€ 590
A light coffee „Melange“ topped with whipped cream

€ 590
Short espresso with hot frothy milk, served in a traditional cup

€ 590
Double espresso poured over a coffee cup filled with whipped cream

€ 590
Classic coffee made with lots of foamed milk.

€ 590
Espresso and hot frothy milk served in a glass

€ 590
Double espresso topped with whipped cream, sweetened or unsweetened

€ 640
Dark choc and cappuccino with caramel-topping and cream - Julius Meinl Messe Picco

€ 850
Double espresso with Mozart liqueur and whipped cream

€ 850
Double espresso with brandy, coffee liqueur, whipped cream and cinnamon

€ 850
Double espresso in a glass, with Cointreau liqueur, whipped cream and orangezest

€ 850
Double espresso with Irish whiskey, sugar and cream

€ 850
Double espresso with rum, cream and cocktail cherry

€ 720
Espresso, please choose: Cognac, Grappa, Whiskey, Baileys, Mozart Likör

€ 750
Free pack of wafers included

€ 670
Cooled Coffee with Milk & Hazelnut Shot

€ 590
A gluten-containing cereals,
B crustaceans,
C egg ,
D fish,
E peanut,
F soya,
G milk or lactose,
H nuts,
L celery,
M mustard,
N sesame ,
O sulphite,
P lupines,
R molluscs

Something sweet with your coffee?

There are many things to taste here. What can we offer you?

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